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One of the best travel destinations of the world comes by way of Panama. This fast growing tourist spot has so much to offer that you can never miss out on the best of activities and attractions in Panama. And with scores of things to do and see you will surely be on the seventh heaven.

Some of The must see places to visit in Panama

The Panama Canal is the star attraction. A stunning view of the canal can be drawn if you visit the Miraflores Locks. The Miraflores Visitor Centre houses snippets from the canal’s past and the events related with the canal, helping you appreciate all the more the engineering marvel that Panama Canal is.

Panama Vieja (the original Panama City) and the Casco Viejo (Old City) are things to look forward to. You can take a walk down Panama’s rich history by visiting the historical quarters of the city. There is no dearth of activities and attractions in Panama and for a more comprehensive trip down Panama’s historical lanes, take the historical tours. You will understand the influences that shaped Panama’s life.

Panama is a place to get close to nature

A nature lover will simply go bonkers over the Metropolitan Park Ecological Tours and the Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo whilst exploring Panama. Here, at the Zoo, take the tour of the Happy Eagle Compound wherein you can catch a glimpse of the Happy Eagle, which the largest predator bird in the world and is found only in Panama.

A huge and the densely forested Darien National Park, near the Columbian border is definitely worth a visit. Be sure that the forests of Panama don’t get the miss in your “activities and attractions in Panama” list. And much to your delight, these locations are not far flung and you would not have much of a hassle accessing them.

The lighter sides of life at lightening pace in Panama

Panama City is the perfect place for lots of things like shop hopping, sports and leisure options and not to mention entertainment. And lets not speak of nightlife, which in any way is rocking. The list of the activities and attractions in Panama doesn’t end here. Your Panama pleasures continue with fine dining options, bars and casinos, theaters and nightclubs and art galleries. Activities and attractions in Panama will amaze you with its diversity and intricacies.

With Panama on your agenda you simply can’t avoid having fun, adventure and above all hearty gratification. With so many advantages,, Panama has surely made a mark on the global tourism scene.

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