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Don’t let your retirement be times to regret all the good times gone by. Consider the benefits of a Panama visa and usher in a relaxed, and perhaps champagne lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Why Republic of Panama Of All Places?

The Republic of Panama is nestled amidst the two continents of North and South America, but it has gained huge popularity as a place possessing great scenic beauty, an enviable standard of living, an atmosphere that is conducive to set up businesses, where you can own property and enjoy numerous other benefits.

To elaborate, Panama just happens to be one of the safest countries in the world and THE safest for tourists as deemed by the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. Quite understandably, this is one of the prime reasons why people keep flocking to Panama. And if gazing out at miles of open sea or the lofty mountains in the distant horizon doesn’t appeal to you much, consider the following:

Panama is not only a place with a quaint old world charm. In fact, as the visitors have discovered, and to their immense delight, Panama City can also rival any other glitzy and swanky capital of the world with its assortment of world-standard eating and accommodation options and all conceivable forms of modern amenities in the communication and infrastructure fronts.
Probably one of the prime lures of Panama, for the retirees especially, is that the cost of living herein is a fraction of that in the USA.
What is more, the US dollar is the standard currency in Panama.
The medicinal facilities in Panama rival those in USA.
You can own property in Panama and furthermore, enjoy exactly the same rights and benefits as the Panamanians.

These are exactly the reasons why more and more people are choosing Republic of Panama to spend the rest of their lives in pure contentment. In fact, these are the reasons why people visit Panama and cannot keep away from the place.

Why Do You Need r A Retirement Visa in Republic of Panama?

Days of peace where you can lounge in the patio without having to worry about the sales figures or frolicking with your grandchildren without the pressure of coming on tops with the corporate presentation are the things on mind with most retirees. And these days, a Panama visa is also on their cards.

And this is no wonder, considering that Panama has one of the best retiree incentive programs in the world. Take note of the following:

You need not pay any property taxes if your property happens to be your only place of stay in this place.

Your retirement visa also entails you to anything between 15 to 50% discounta on hotels, restaurants, movies and many other professional services.

You get to bring in all your household goods into the country and for free, certain restrictions apply.

You can bring in a new car every two years for your own use

You need not pay any income tax for the pension you receive and not even on the interest you receive from your fixed term deposit.

The Thin That Will Clinch The Retirement Visa

With all these incentives you must be wondering about a Panama retirement visa. And the best thing about such a visa in the Republic of Panama is its supreme ease of availability. And what is more, the requirements are not even very difficult.

All that you will need are the following documents:

A clean chit from the legal authorities (that is the police) of the country you are presently staying in - now required for dependants only.

A health certificate from a registered Panamanian doctor.

You draw a minimum monthly income of USD 500 and USD 100 each for any dependents.

What is more, with your retirement visa, you need not have to tender any sort of warranty deposits.

Visit Panama and you will understand why retirees from all around the world flock here.

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