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Panama is a country that has thrived in recent years in terms of its economic situation, it’s standpoint on an international level, and its popularity for tourism and investments. Many choose to move to Panama to open a business, often in the form of real estate. The Panamanian people and the beautiful country invite outsiders.

Panama and the Panamanian people often welcome foreign investment in a land whereby revenue brought into the country helps a lot. Much money is pumped into the local communities in areas where many have chosen to retire among the Panamanian people. These people live in areas whereby Panamanian people own businesses and receive traffic from these people accordingly.

Panama is a democratic country with no standing army. This provides for a good status in the international community. Panama’s strength in terms of its attractive qualities to foreigners and the use of the U.S. dollar attract many to the country each year. The Panamanian people often have taken advantage of this onslaught of outsiders by starting businesses that tailor to tourism and external investment. Panamanian art, crafts, and other goods are often sold at tourist destinations.

Many move to Panama to seek retirement visas to spend the rest of their days in the paradise that is Panama. Retirement visa information can be gained via the Internet, as well as by contacting the embassy. This type of visa is based on compliance with a CD within the country.

Those seeking retirement in Panama often do so for many reasons. Panama has a lot of attractive qualities regarding it being a suitable place to relax for a retirement. If relaxation isn’t number one priority, retirees can also enjoy extreme, world-class sport and recreation. The isthmus of Panama provides for ample water sports including fishing, surfing, sailing, wind surfing, and diving. The international community considers both surfing, and fishing the best in the world. Add this to the delicious Panamanian food, and its easy to understand the attraction to Panama.

Panama and the Panamanian people, undoubtedly, have mixed feelings regarding foreigners coming into the country in such staggering amounts. It’s almost certain they do not want what has happened in so many other areas of the world to happen to them. It is a common fear that big business and foreigners will take business from the country. As long as the cycle remains cyclical, however, the Panamanian people will be able to live harmoniously with these newcomers.

A country similar to Panama in regards to this balancing act of not overdoing investment and overstaying is Costa Rica. Like Panama, Costa Rica has also experienced large booms in tourism and real estate. Foreigners overpopulate certain areas, which drives up the prices and makes everyday life more difficult for locals. This is similar to the negative effects experienced by some of the Panamanian people.

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