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Panama has opened its gates to travelers all over the world. This exotic destination offers a blend of tradition with modernism. The reason behind this is that within a short span of time, Panama stands in the list to be chosen as a perfect option for health tourism. The destination has so much to offer. You will never find yourself at rest in Panama because there is so much you can enjoy. There is no end to things to do and see in Panama. A lovely collection of hotels, resorts and spas in Panama offer the best amenities to people from all financial strata.

In Panama, you have lodges and cabins that are tucked away in the pristine wilderness of the land and places. These accommodations offer world-standard spa treatments and sports and leisure amenities for the entire family. Panama has hotels of all sorts, beginning with luxurious hotels to standard housing provisions enough to meet all your basic necessities in life. No matter whether you have come to Panama with your family or you belong to a corporate world you have hotels of all sorts. Apart from this enviable package, there are hotels specialized in particular activities as also the eclectically theme-based ones.

Some hotels in Panama are conveniently located near the business quarters of the city and are blessed with all conceivable forms of facilities capable of satisfying people who are very hard to be convinced. Panama City, the capital of the country boasts of quite an array of hotels, starting from the elegant and opulent 4 and 5-star hotels like Bristol, Crowne Plaza and Caesar Park. While your stay at these hotels the myriad nightlife / entertainment options of the city is enough to make your nerves relax after a hectic and laborious day. Besides these, you have the Lonely Planet recommended Ambassador Suites and the Las Vegas Hotel to serve your needs while you are in Panama.

The main lure of most of the hotels is the sylvan locations they are nestled in. You will be quite spoilt for choices in terms of accommodation options once you venture out of the Panama City limits. Bambito Hotel is Panama’s major mountain resort providing all sorts of sports activities with riding, trout fishing, cloud forest hikes, rafting and more to add on to the list. The comfortable rooms of the hotel indeed make you feel like living in the Paradise.

Do you want to go for an extraordinary holiday in Panama with your family? Then you should definitely make your stay in the Camping Resort Hotel in Panama. Your kids in panama will have a wonderful time for there are hosts of activities for them to enjoy – water slides, go-carts and what not. Panama is a treasure in terms of history and culture and it is a gift for those who love to roam in Nature’s wilderness. However, in order to please you there are several forest resorts, for example the Gamboa Rainforest Resort and also the Al Natural eco lodge. This lodge is considered as one of the best eco lodges in the world.

There are many people who love to spend their vacation in utmost comfort and for such people hotels like the Tropic Star Lodge, Davis Suites at the Panama Canal and the Versalles Hotel are perfect accommodation options outside the Panama City.

In Panama there are hotels of all sizes, prices and types. These Panama hotels promise you to serve you with their bests of managements and amenities. They, in fact make you feel like home. Therefore, Panama stands with open arms ready to welcome and satisfy you and make you feel warm and wanted.

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