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Real estate in Panama is on a seemingly endless increase. Whether it is tourists finding the perfect vacation property, or well informed, pre-planned investors looking for long-term investment opportunities in undeveloped areas like Boquete, Panama is one of the hot spots in the western hemisphere. Panama has a number of incredibly attractive qualities that draw thousands of potential buyers and investors each year.

With an average yearly temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, it is easy to understand why people flock to enjoy Panama’s weather every day. Real estate investment in Panama is also aided by the nation’s status in the international community. Panama, utilizing the US dollar, and in participating in CAFTA, is definitely in a favorable relationship with powerful the United States. Panama’s political stability is due, in part, to its democratic system of government, but also to its lack of an army.

There are a multitude of different areas for investment in real estate in Panama. Vacation properties, custom-built retirement real estate, as well as investment properties exist throughout the country. The Caribbean coast, Pacific Panama, and everything in-between is or will be developed in the near future. The Caribbean cities like Bocas del Toro, and the Pacific province of Chiriqui including beach properties, and more rural areas such as Boquete, offer potential buyers with different tastes a number of different options in terms of geography, culture, and proximity to other areas.

Although it seems a majority of buyers seem to prefer beachfront properties on the coasts, there are viable real estate opportunities in more rural areas. For example, an area such as Boquete boasts cool temperatures year round and a plethora of potential for outdoor recreation. A few examples including hiking, rafting, biking, bird watching, fishing, golf, and kayaking. Areas like this, as well as the commonly sought after ocean front resorts, can serve well as a vacation property. Palo Alto Villas and Condos are some examples of the development projects in this mountainous region of Panama. Real estate in Panama offers some amazing deals at times. For example, small islands and peninsulas off of the archipelago can also be purchased starting in the low millions (USD).

Vacation properties are common in Panama due to their affordable pricing and Panama’s relative proximity to the United States and Canada. This is similar in other Central American countries, specifically in Costa Rica, another stable Latin American country that has shares the stability of Panama. Given the fact these two countries share a border with one another, it is easy to understand where the stability stems from. Areas such as Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean side of Panama serve as pipelines by which Costa Ricans and Panamanians travel to each other’s respective country to share culture and see the sights.

Whether a potential buyer is looking for Panama real estate that serves as a vacation property, or a rural area to make a home like Boquete, outsiders are and will be continued to be drawn to Panama to buy up this tropical paradise.

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