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Are you looking for an exotic change of scenery for your retirement? A new environment that offers you opportunities for relaxation, adventure, enjoyment from nature and culture – yet allows you to access creature comforts and modern health care at a reasonable price?

You may not need to look any further - Panama is able to offer you this and much more. Panama is a relatively undiscovered hot spot that not only offers many promising opportunities for tourism, but also for living and retirement.

Many people from the US, Canada and Europe are beginning to recognize this unique and exciting opportunity and are moving to Panama to live in a spectacular country.
There are numerous benefits that are luring people to Panama. Some of these include:

• Relatively low cost of living
• Friendliness of foreigners
• Safety
• Warm weather
• High standards of modern health care
• Modern infrastructure
• Many people speak English
• The US dollar is used
• Very reasonable house and land prices
• Access to idyllic beaches and mountains
• High standards of telecommunications
• Low costs of prescription drugs and other medications
• Spectacular natural wonders (wildlife and forests)
• Access to broadband internet and cable/satellite television.
• Interesting and varied culture
• Multitude of recreational options
• Major discounts on transport, entertainment etc
• Tax exemptions
• Investment opportunities
• Regular and safe flights to most major airports in the US, UK and some parts of Europe.

It is relatively easy to obtain a retirement visa to retire in Panama and the procedure has a quick turn around time. There are four different ways to obtain a retirement visa to retire or live in Panama. These retirement visa options are:

• Pensionado Visa
• Private Income Retiree Visa
• Person of Means Visa
• Forestry Investor Visa

Currently the most popular retirement visa is Panama’s Pensionado Visa. It is considered by many to be one of the best retirement visa programs in the world. There are many benefits of this visa, some of these include:

• No property taxes for the first twenty years
• No income tax on incomes earned outside of Panama
• Discounts on prescription drugs and health care services
• Discounts on airfares, restaurants, movies, theatres and other entertainment, public transport, and loans.
• Import tax exemption on household goods and/or cars.

Please click on the link for further information on types, eligibility, application and benefits of the Panama retirement visa.

There are a range of locations around Panama that offer a variety of options for different types of lifestyle needs and desires for retiring and living in Panama.

Panama City is a cosmopolitan city that offers quality shopping, food, very high standard health care facilities and doctors, schools and infrastructure. It is famous for its fine quality restaurants that serve a broad range of international cuisines. Boquete and the Chiriqui mountains on the western side of Panama provide a quieter and more peaceful retirement lifestyle with cooler temperatures. Many of the scenic beach and island regions, such as Bocas del Toro, Contadora and Isla Taboga offer relaxation and spectacular snorkeling, diving and beaches. Or you can kick back and soak up the amazing scenery of mountains, waterfalls and the coast in such places as El Valle and Santa Fé. These are just some of the many alluring locations that are available for you if you choose to retire in Panama.

There are also many professional organizations that are becoming established in Panama that are designed to provide Panama real estate services designed specifically for international people looking to retire or live in Panama. Many real estate agencies also provide these types of services. There are also regular real estate seminars that are given in Panama City and some of the other major centers around the country. Real estate tours and other relocation services are also available for clients.

Being an economic and trading centre, Panama has many Panama investment opportunities available. Many say that now is an ideal time to make an investment in Panama. Real estate is still available at reasonable prices and there are many construction and development opportunities. In particular, there are many building projects being established around Panama -many of which are proving to be valuable investments.

Flights to Panama from the US, UK and some European countries are very regular and are available at reasonable prices. So it is very easy for friends and relatives to visit, or for you to visit them. Internal flights within Panama are also available and are considered a safe and easy way to travel within the country.

If you are looking for that somewhere different to live or retire, but with many of the advantages of home - Panama could be the place for you. Please follow the links on our website for further information about retiring and investing in real estate in Panama.

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